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Day 6

I haven't updated this page, or the trinket box in some time.  Once again good intentions on posting this section have been thwarted at least until a later date.

Over the past few years I have developed a problem breathing, which has gotten progressively worse. We have finally been put into a position where we can see a doctor again, and on my initial visit, the doctor informed me that I have COPD, AKA Emphysema.  While I won't let the news of having this medical issue get me down, what does get me down is, I want to finish this trinket box, and would like to be able to do more woodburing, but when I sit and work, especially now, in the winter time, with no ventilation, it does bother my breathing and makes my breathing very labored.

Because of this, I am struggling to quit smoking and at the same time I have to try to keep myself away from airborne pollutants that can agravate or accelerate the deterioration of my lungs.

I do not intend on leaving this gourd unfinished, but also do not intend on doing any more work on it until it warms up enough outside for me to work outside in the fresh air. I appologize for the inconvenience and the postponement of this project, trust me, no one is more put off by it than I am.

In the mean time I will be doing some color pencil work primarily for the pleasure and to pass the time.  I will post some or all of them on the website as I finish them.

Thank You for your understanding,

Dan Dunkin - The Gourd Reserve


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