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Golden Gourd Award

Promoting Gourdiculture and Uniting Gourd Artists

The Golden Gourd Award

Welcome to The Gourd Reserve's Golden Gourd Award page. Our desire with this award is to give recognistion to those who have developed an artistic taste for gourds as their canvas and to unite Gourd Artists around the world.  If you have a website, this Golden Gourd Award can be displayed on your website as a way of showing added credibility to your art and that you are recognized and honored as a gourd artist.

Every website looks better when you visit them and you see web awards, internet awards, design awards, etc, but someone has to come up with those awards in order for them to be displayed.  Instead of trying to tell the world you are a gourd artist, an award is a simple way of saying, someone else respects you as an artist, and for your efforts to promote the knowledge of Gourdiculture, gourd crafts, and gourd art to the world.

If you are interested in receiving the Golden Gourd Award to display on your website, please contact us with a link to your website for review, and we will gladly examine your website for your gourd content and send you the code you need to insert the Golden Gourd Award.

We are also in favor of exchanging links with you, so if you have a link exchange page, we would be more than happy to trade links.  Just send us the name of your website, the link, and a brief description of your website to be associated with your link.



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