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We do not stock these pens ourselves, but here is probably one of the cheapest sources for them in the United States.


Razertip pens have set the standard in Canada for over 14 years, while the art of pyrography is only beginning to take hold in America. We offer razertip pens through Amazon here:

View Dans Pyroengraved Gourds here

There are several devices on the market for controlling the temperature of woodburning tools, the primary and most professional of these devices of course are the wire tip type woodburing pens. These tools provide excellent control of the temperature of your tip so you can easily adjust from barely making any burn mark at all, to scorching a piece of gourd or wood at the first touch.

There are several different manufacturers of each of these types of pens on the market, The Detail Master, Colwood, Optima, Razertip and others. Preference seems to be as individual as artistic style is, however my preference is the Razertip. Many of the woodburning pens have fixed tip only pens which are expensive, some have the replaceable tip which is less expensive, and I'm not sure about the others, but razertip now has the binding post pen. You can read a description of these different type pens here.

Another feature I like about the Razertip unit is the heat adjustment. Some people use these pens for sculpting wax, some burn wood, paper, leather, and others like myself burn on gourds. The heat adjustment allows you to set the lowest temperature setting on the pen so if you turn the heat down all the way, it will always heat to that lowest temperature. I have mine set to where it barely makes any discoloration in the gourd. on wood you may want this higher, with wax you may want this lower still. This is a nice feature because now you have customized the temperature range to suit your needs in a variety from the lowest temp you need to the highest. Without this feature you may turn it to 4 or 5 for your lowest use, shortening the useful temperature for you to only 4-5 numbers. By setting the lowest heat to where your dial is on zero, you have increased the affective use of the entire dial range.

The largest variety of replacement wire tips are available from razertip directly here: Razertip Industries Scroll close to bottom of page to see sets available, a set of 5 and a set of 8 tips at a reasonable price. The tips are light and ship cheaply from Canada, while the woodburner itself may be cheaper in the long run shiped within the U.S. You should also call Razertip first to get a price quote in U.S. dollars as the prices on their site are in Canadian money.


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