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Gourd History

Native Americans and their use of gourds

Contributed by Scott Nelson

Here's an interesting list of what different Tribes
used gourd for....
Almost as simple as walking into the
local drug/music/hardware store.

Bottle Gourd;

Cherokee Drug (Dermatological Aid)
Poultice of soaked seeds used for boils.

Indians of Louisiana
Poultice of crushed leaves applied to the forehead for

Seminole. (Analgesic)
Seeds used for adult's sickness caused by adultery:
headache, body pains and crossed fingers.
(Psychological Aid)
Seeds burned to smoke the body for insanity.

Ojibwa Food (Vegetable)
Gourds eaten young, before the rind had hardened.

Acoma and Laguna Indians
(Cooking Tools)
Gourds made into dippers.
(Toys & Games)
Gourds made into rattles.

Cherokee (Ceremonial Items)
Fruit used to make ceremonial rattles.
Cherokee Other (Cooking Tools)
Fruit used to make dippers.

Cocopa (Musical Instrument)
Fruit made into a rattle and used to provide rhythm
for singing and dancing.

Havasupai (Ceremonial Items)
Gourds made into rattles and used for ritualistic
Other (Containers)
Rinds made into containers used for carrying water on
foot or on horseback trips away from home.

Used as prayer sticks.
Covered with a cord net to be used as water containers
in ceremonies and buried with the dead.
Used as containers for sacred honey, cups, seed
bottles and medicine holders.
(Cooking Tools)
Used as dippers, canteens and spoons.

Contributed by Scott Nelson


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