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Photo galleries of everything from gourd art to drawings, and even photography.  Our Galleries page also includes the Gourd Artists Showcase featuring the artwork of Gourd Artists around the world.  The Artists showcase is free for all gourd artists, we gladly display up to 10 images or pieces of work from any gourd artist. Not only does this offer you exposure, but it also provides free advertisement and traffic to your website.

  • Hometown Pics
    From our farm in Indiana here are some interesting pictures to share. not necessarily gourd related, but just pretty pictures to enjoy.
  • Mr Toothy Gourd
    Some gourds have a slick surface, others have what is called a toothy surface. This Toothy surface is what brought about the birth of Mr Toothy Gourd.
  • Exchange Gourds
    Gourds we've received through gourd group exchanges. This is a fun way to share a little of yourself, and collect the artwork of others at the same time.
  • Gourd Artists Showcase
    A virtual museum of Gourd Artists from around the world. A place where the many artforms come together, woodcarving, chip carving, woodburning, paints and pencil, pine needle coiling and staining, and the one common bond between all these forms and all the artists represented here is Gourds.
  • Gourd Pyrography
    Gourd pyrography: Woodburning is my favorite medium, it is challenging, yet simple it delivers a full image, yet appears sepia.
  • painted gourds
    these are gourds that have been painted and some combine prismacolor pencil as well.
  • Airbrush
  • Prismacolor - canvas
  • Digital Art
  • Our Gourd Exchanges
    Gourd Exchanges are fun, if you've never participated in one here's how they work. Everyone in the Email group who would like to participate in the exchange puts their name in. Someone then draws names for each person so everyone will have an exchange partner, Each person that joins the gourd exchange must craft or do their artwork on a gourd to send to their exchange partner, .but the partner does not know who is making a gourd for them until it is sent or received.
  • Garden


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