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Gourd Stationery

For the serious Gourder

(Artwork by Tim Moyers)



Stationery #1

High Detailed Pen art of a gourd seed border, selection of gourds on the bottom center, and topped with flowers.
Use it for letters, or put your Gourd Business letterhead at the top.
(Close up sample)

 Stationery 2

 Stationery #2

Gourd Flower and leaves, adorn the top left corner, and gourd selection in the bottom right.

Very attractive stationery, nice for personal correspondence. Not too much, but firmly let you and your reader know, this is Gourd Material.
(Close up sample)

 Stationery 3


Stationery #3

Very detailed border of Gourd leaves & tendrils, centered at the top with a single Gourd Flower, and at the bottom with a single gourd.

Again, another quality piece of stationery, suitable for any writing needs.
(Close up sample)


The personal use agreement gives you an unlimited supply of Gourd Stationery at one price, for your own use. You can print letters for the rest of your life to friends, family, and business contacts on this nicely done Gourd Stationery.

Buy 1 for $4 or buy all 3 for $10. What you will receive is a link to the Adobe pdf format in High print quality of the stationery or stationeries of your choice.


 Buy it here:
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