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With thousands of books on Amazon alone, we have gone through at least a thousand books to select books we would like to have for artistic inspiration, or to look at some fine detail to see how to do something. These are a series of assorted catagories of books to help to teach and/or inspire the budding or even the advanced Gourd Artist... Or any artist or crafter for that matter. The selections on these pages are one's we found of interest, as well as any we deemed viable for the purpose of teaching and inspiring the mind, however we recommend you personally read the reviews and the information on the books, and make you own decisions. We cannot determine what each individual may find inspiring so therefore we cannot be held responsible for bad choices.


Art and Instructional books including pattern books:


Art - Learning Perspectives

Giving Your Art Dimension



Learn Pyrography from experienced teachers, Sue Walters, Norma Gregory, Stephen Poole, and a link to Jim Widess's book on gourd pyrography. We have provided a link to the Caning Shop instead of Amazon on that one because it will save you money.



painting houses, plants, and animals on rocks, (rocks are 3 dimensional canvases like gourds), acrylic techniques, how to: landscapes, villages, animals, one stroke, and more.


Patterns for Art

Wide variety, samplings of fantasy and Native American, crafters patterns, source books, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, floral woodcarving, etc.


Native American

catagories include

North American Indian
Southwest Indian
Northwest Indian


Celtic Patterns

Knots, Patterns, spirals, and celtic animals. Some books have ready to use patterns, others teach you how to create your own.


Other Cultural Patterns

Ancient Mexico


Fantasy Books

Fairies & Dragons
For inspiration and how to's of drawing Fairies, Dragons, and more from the land of middle earth



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