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Molds are not restricted to gourds, in fact, the worst molds are in homes, buildings, and work places.  The reason why these are the worst is because they generally go unnoticed or thought of to be realtively harmless.  The worst of the worst are when it is growing within the walls where it isn't even seen.  Many people become deathly ill, and have no clue as to why, when the answer may be only inches away on the other side of the drywall in their home.  Old dry wall is paper lined, and Stachybotris, (probably one of the worst molds), loves paper.

Arm yourself with knowledge, The American public and the medical community in general are totally in the dark when it comes to mold and the hazards related to molds.  Here are some outstanding resources from the truly knowledgable about mold and their dangers.

Recommended Reading


Dr Shoemaker is probably the most well known PhD in this country for his knowledge and treatment of people with Mold related illnesses.  People travel across the country and around the world to see this man for help.  Gary Rosen is also well known and knowledgable.  Our first and highest recommendation would be Mold Warriors, but you should read the reviews and what the book is about and make your decision based on what information you are looking for.



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