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The Political, economic, and medical perspectives on mold:

  • Mold, A Comprehensive Look
    Molds are common in the world, it is what turns bio mass back into mineral substance, in otherwords the recycling process.
  • Mold, What is it?
    A Brief general description of mold.
  • Mold Types
    There are many varieties of mold, in fact depending on where you read, you can find figures from 50,000 to in excess of 200,000 different varieties of molds. There are general species, and then varieties within those specie, just like canines include everything from wolves to Pomeranians. Similarily, there are a wide variety of mold families like Stachybotris, but there may be 20,000 varieties of Stachy.
  • Handling Molds
    Please use caution when handling molds, even mold on a gourd. There are some rules of thumb to follow, damp it down, wear a respirator, etc.
  • The Mold Dichotomy
    There is a definite Dichotomy or difference of opinions between those of our legislative and general medical establishment from the insights and evidence of those involved in research of Fungalbionics. For the sake of time and space, this section is focused primarily on Stachybotrys Chartarum, although similar dichotomies seems to exist for other toxic molds as well......
  • Air Purification Devices
    There are several type of Air Purifiers that can be helpful or beneficial for your indoor air quality. Some systems may be really good, others may be harmful. We recommend before deciding which air purifier you might choose to buy that you look at some of the options available and the pro's and con's for the different types.
  • Mold Summary
    Mold, the Buzz word of the 21st century. It is so common, and mold related, sick building related issues seem to be more and more a common occurance these days, yet it seems to be the realtively new kid on the block. That being the case, it also seems to be the most under studied, under researched, and under estimated of health issues out there today.
  • Mold Resources
    Mold Resources, informational materials on mold and health issues.
  • Our Mold Story
    What mold can do to your health and the health of your family. This is our story of our experience of living in a house that was growing mold inside the walls where it could not be seen and it grew unknown to us.


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