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What is Mold?

Mold is a type of Microscopic plant called a Fungi, it grows in clusters and has a furry appearance. Mold range in colors from olive green to black.

Mildew is produced by Mold, and it is a thin black and sometimes white growth.

Mold spores are everywhere, it spreads easiest outdoors due to wind, plants, and animals, but mold spores come indoors through doors and windows, animals, people, clothing, heating and airconditioning and ventilation systems can also draw mold spores indoors.

Once mold spores find an area with excessive moisture, they can grow mold. Mold also likes warm dark damp areas. The Most common places mold can be found growing indoors is around leaky roofs, ceilings, pipes, bathrooms showers and tubs, walls, flooded areas, plant pots and basements, (crawls spaces also if water is getting under the house, this was our problem).

Mold grows primarily where there is little ventilation or air circulation, and moisture. Mildew can often be found in closets where clothes no completely dry are hung, where clothing is hung in a closet tightly, in bathorroms with no or inadequate ventilation fans, and shower curtains.


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