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Gourd Report
Vol 2

Growing Productive Vines

  1. Insecticides - Cucumber Beetle Control
    Insecticides: Cucumber beetles are our enemy #1 insect, however are they that devastating? They can be. Learn a little about the Cucumber beetle control.
  2. Organic Insect Control
    how to control your cucumber beetle population and damage by using organic insect control.
  3. Organic Fertilizer
    grow healthy vines through green fertilizing, AKA organic fertilizer. It is safe for your plants as well as the environment, your plants will be healthier and happier, and you will be satisfied with your crop.
  4. Diseases
    Gourd diseases can kill a crop. Although they are uncommon, every year many people confuse other things as a potential disease. Learn more here...
  5. Lagenaria vs. Cucurbits
    a look at the differences between and cucurbits and lagenaria gourds including the question of cross pollination.
  6. Pruning the Gourd Vine
    You can actually begint the fruiting process and increase the lateral growth by pruning your gourd vine.
  7. Pruning the Fruit
    You can also encourage more fruit production by pruning off the first fruits of the vine.
  8. Designer Gourds - cross pollination
    designer gourds, How about designing your own gourd? Do you wish you had a larger bottle gourd or perhaps a smaller kettle? You can move in that direction through cross pollination.
  9. Gourd Flowers
    Drawing by Tim moyers showing the male and female gourd flowers for identification purposes.



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