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Hiro Portable Photo Studio

Digital Camera

on the go!

(Priced under $100 on 8/8/06)
price and availability subject to change

Hiro Portable Photo Studio Kit with 2 High-Power Studio Lights icon

Traveling gourd shows, craft shows, or other places to go?  Take your photo studio with you.  Pro's, make money on the road, amatuer photographers, get the edge on your photo's at home or at the shows.  No more hunting down materials, cleaning off and setting up tables and other areas in the house, just for a couple pics.  now you have a convenient photo studio that will fold up and store easily.

I could not find dimensions on this, but using the hand as a comparison, we estimate this to be approximately a 16 to 18 inch cube.  This may not be large enough to take photos of kettles or larger gourds, but might be ideal for the average sized gourd or craft item.


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