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Tim Moyers Gourd Chart

One of the original and still held as standard Gourd Identification Charts. The original chart was done with Rapidograph. This Gourd Chart as well as the new Gourd Reserve Gourd ID chart may be used with permission of The Gourd Reserve.

Tims Gourd ID Chart

©Timothy Moyers 1992
All Rights Reserved by The Gourd Reserve

Click on the chart for a larger view

Tim Moyers is a natural born artist.  At a young age he began drawing parrots, so detailed and accurate in their reproduction few could believe it, and even his parents made him redraw a parrot while they watched because they did not believe he had done this.  At that time he was 5 years old.

Since then, Tim has ventured into many aspects of art, from pen and pencil to acrylics, from sculpturing to controled anodization of titanium to achieve a rainbow of colors.  By the time Tim was old enough to attend college he had developed his own style, could paint and draw in acrylics, water colors, oil paints and pencil, he could sculpt distinguishable people out of clay in a very short period of time, so he decided to enroll in an art class in college.  Tims talents and techniques were so unique and so effective, many of the students approached him to ask him to teach them how to get the affects he was achieving.  I know this is hard to believe, but some professors and instructors really take offense at those who might have a better way of doing things, and Tim did not stay enrolled very long.

Tim really enjoyed working with gourds for a brief period of time during his ventures from one avenue to another in art, and still likes to dabble with gourds, however his latest adventure has been training from authentic Native Americans in atlatl, or spear throwing using one of those hand extension devices.  He is learning this process from beginning to end, from making the spears and the atlatl, to throwing them in competition.  Of course Tims Atlatl's do not look like a piece of branch, some of his are beautifully adorned and artistically designed.  You know what they say, you can take the artist out of art, but you can't take the art out of the artist!

Although Tim has battled many medical problems, and has experienced so many different adventures, he will never give up art as his primary interest and method of expression.  We are proud to say that Tim is a dear personal friend of ours, and hope he never gives up the gift.

Thank You Tim,

Dan Dunkin - The Gourd Reserve


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