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New Gourd Project

Colorado Trinket Box

We've finally found home in the Colorado Rockies, so I want to reflect some of the feeling and inspiration of the beautiful country here.  This project is going to be a step by step tutorial in woodburning in miniature. Pyrography, (woodburning), is my favorite art form, Gourds are my favorite canvas, and trinket boxes are my favorite projects, the Colorado Trinket Box is all three in one.

I do not consider myself an artist, but others tell me otherwise.  I may do some things wrong for two reasons, one is I've developed some of my own techniques and the other is I don't claim to know it all, however I enjoy doing this.  I am open to any comments, instructional advice, or criticisms.  We all have some knowedge, some have more than others.  We can each accomplish as much as our knowedge permits, but we are limited by what we don't know, so if you have any tips for me, I appreciate them.  If you learn some little thing from me, that is even better because there is no greater reward than helping someone else.

  • Gourd woodburning
    Gourd Woodburning, and place where I will detail day by day the woodburning progress of my latest project. Join in and watch the project proceed.
  • Gourd Cactus Planter
    The Gourd Cactus planter, delayed due to moving and damage caused by the move.

The Gourd Cactus Planter

I am so sorry that this project got started then had to be put on hold for so long.  We had to make a sudden move from Indiana to the Southwest due to health reasons, and it took half a year to find home.  We are now living in the Colorado Rockies, but on our cross country journey, the undesirable happened, the gourd cactus planter go broke.  I may still salvage a planter out of it, but it will not be what was originally intended.  Due to my own dissapointment, I've put aside that project in favor of doing some trinket boxes which I will journalize, and maybe pick up with repairs and continue the cactus planter at a later date.  I have at least one shop in town that would like to carry some of my work, and we have a Christmas show coming up, so I need to get some gourds done for this.  Hopefully I will be able to continue the Gourd Cactus Planter at a later date.



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