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Gourd Cactus Planter

  • Gourd Cactus Planter Day 1
    The Gourd Cactus Planter project day 1. On day 1 the gourd is cut and cleaned on the inside, design cuts are made and fitting of pieces finalized. Some work will be done in the evening, but that will be journalized on day 2.
  • Gourd Cactus Planter day 2
    The cactus planter was glued late yesterday afternoon, and allowed to set overnight and until afternoon today. Today it is putty filled and sanded, sprayed and sanded again.
  • Gourd Cactus Planter day 3
    Day 3 is actually day 3-10. Unfortunately where we live I have to work outside as we do not have a garage or area indoors suitable for spraying paints, so with a week long cold snap, I've been on an unwanted stall.


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