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Gourd Cactus Planter

Day 1


 new gourd


I didn't consider taking the pictures to journalize the progress until the initial cuts were made.  So, for the benefit of seeing the gourd before it was finished, I set the pieces in place and took this picture.  It actually may have worked out better because the cuts to be made are clearly seen.  Tools used, hack saw, hand held power sabre saw, and X-acto knives for making the sharp pointed corner cuts


 after the cut

 After all the cuts were made, I lined up the pieces so each pieces could be seen.  I was invisible, but my hands were required to hold the gourd up due to it's round bottom.

set on base

Next I took the neck piece of the gourd to use as a base for the round bottom gourd.  This I envisioned before starting, a cactus planter with a stemware appearance. This is a side view showing the actual cut, instead of a flat cut bowl, I wanted some curve and character.

roughly set for base cut measurements

The initial placement of the gourd on the base shows the base to be a little off camber making the gourd uncentered.  I don't mind a little off-centering as this reveals the hand made effect, but this is too much.  A little sanding on the base with the disk sander will level this out quickly.

view of gourd planter from the back

This is the back side of the same piece.

gourd jewelry pieces from cut outs

Allowing nothing to go to waste, the pieces cut from the raised back side will be used by Carmella to make jewelry pieces.  The larger piece will probably be a barette and smaller pieces will be earrings.

Sanding the jewelry pieces

Here Carmella is using the disk sander to shape and smooth out the edges of the jewelry pieces.  I wish she would hurry up and finish so I can use the sander.  (tap, tap, tap....)

sanding the inside of gourd

OK, she finished with the sander so I flattened and leveled the base piece, now I'm using a flap sander on an 18 inch extension bar and drill to sand the loose stuff and smooth out the inside of the gourd.

close up of sanders affect on the inside

In this close up you can see the difference between the sanded area and the unsanded area.  These flap sanders really cut through the work rapidly and leave a fairly smooth finish inside.

More will be added on a daily basis, if I get to work on the gourd daily.  Sundays excluded of course, I keep Sundays for the family, worship, and relaxation.  Relaxation may include working on my gourd some, but not posting any additions to the website. 


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