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  • Education about gourds, the 3d art canvas the gourd ID chart, tutorials, hand pollination, gourd crafts and the Gourd Artists
  • The associate store featuring hundreds of thousands of products.
  • Free desktop images for your computer.
  • Gourd safety, when working with gourds you should always protect your self from breathing in gourd dust and mold that grows on gourds.
  • Get some tips and tricks to insure a successful growing season. Which gourds to grow, how to tend your gourds, and get the best crop possible for your area.
  • it is important to a good garden tillers in your garden before planting your seeds, especially if you grew gourds last year. This will kill the majority of the cucumber beetles from exposure.
  • Every area of the country is different. Large kettle gourds cannot grow in Alaska, Gourds are warm weather vines and therefore need a warmer growing season. Here are some guidelines to help you decide what gourds might grow in your area.
  • seed germination: If you are growing gourds, here is how to get your gourd seeds started. If you wish to pre-germinate your seeds, here are some tips on how to get successful seen germination.
  • How have gourds played a role in man kind? With research and contribution of our readers, we are building a history of gourds frm ancient man to modern times.
  • The Purple Martin is one bird who's mere existance is today nearly totally dependant on man to supply a nesting place for them, and they most commonly accept a large gourd which has been named after the bird, the Purple Martin Gourd. This gourd is so preferred by Purple Martins that companies now manufacture plastic Purple Martin bird houses molded in the shape of this gourd. How could these birds have come to this dependency?
  • Submitted by Scott Nelson, this page lists some of the uses of Gourds by different Native American Tribes.
  • some history on gourds and their uses through the century. These gourds were used as water wings, or a safety floatation device.
  • Native American and Hawaiians alike made musical instruments out of gourds including the gourd whistle, gourd flute and gourd ocarina.
  • long before we had plastics and molding machins, we had gourds, and many gourd utensils were made to make life easier in a very similar way to that of modern day materials make utensils.
  • Today we have colendars and strainers, but in ages past we had those too. Here is a gourd strainer that might have been used to pour grease or fat off the top of water or gravy. It could also be used for removing water from solids and other straining and filtering uses.
  • Native Americans had a version of a gourd purse as well as we do today. Although not as artistic, they were very functionsl. Gourd purses and gourd carry-alls had a large hole for reaching in and they were deep enough to carry their important stuff.
  • New Gourd Projects can be found here as we journalize the makeing of a piece of gourd art. Check back daily to watch the progression, get a feel for the time and patience we spend.
  • Gourd Woodburning, and place where I will detail day by day the woodburning progress of my latest project. Join in and watch the project proceed.
  • what you will need in order to create this gourd trinket box. This will be updated as I use more pens and/or supplies in the making of this trinket box.
  • The Colorado trinket Box day one. beginning with sketching the design, woodburning the pasic outlines, woodburning the sky, selecting the right pyrographic nib for the trees and burning the first tree.
  • Day two, burning the second tree, and creating a forest. Also started an elk in the foreground.
  • Day three, Completing the elk and beginning some of the distant mountains.
  • colorado trinket box day 4, the nearest background mountains have begun.
  • Gourd pyrography, the Colorado trinket box Day five, giving some dimension and depth to the mountains.
  • A message from the doctor...
  • The Gourd Cactus planter, delayed due to moving and damage caused by the move.
  • The Gourd Cactus Planter project day 1. On day 1 the gourd is cut and cleaned on the inside, design cuts are made and fitting of pieces finalized. Some work will be done in the evening, but that will be journalized on day 2.
  • The cactus planter was glued late yesterday afternoon, and allowed to set overnight and until afternoon today. Today it is putty filled and sanded, sprayed and sanded again.
  • Day 3 is actually day 3-10. Unfortunately where we live I have to work outside as we do not have a garage or area indoors suitable for spraying paints, so with a week long cold snap, I've been on an unwanted stall.
  • Educational resources for gourd growing, gourd cleaning and gourd crafting. Educational resource pages include two gourd id charts, and information about molds.
  • Identify 30+ varieties of Lagenaria gourds with our finely drawn digital Gourd Chart. This chart has been featured in The American Gourd Societies The Gourd and the Through the Gourdvine publication.
  • The original chart drawn by Tim Moyers for The AGS in 1992. This chart also has been featured in The AGS Publication.
  • Gourd cleaning experiments including green cleaning and oven baked to speed up the drying process, and rot cleaning, along with examples and guidelines of what works and what doesn't.
  • Rot cleaning gourds made cleaner and more odor free.
  • Growing gourds, from the problems like cucumber beetles, to increasing the vines pruductivity through pruning. Make the most of your gardening this year.
  • Insecticides: Cucumber beetles are our enemy #1 insect, however are they that devastating? They can be. Learn a little about the Cucumber beetle control.
  • how to control your cucumber beetle population and damage by using organic insect control.
  • grow healthy vines through green fertilizing, AKA organic fertilizer. It is safe for your plants as well as the environment, your plants will be healthier and happier, and you will be satisfied with your crop.
  • Gourd diseases can kill a crop. Although they are uncommon, every year many people confuse other things as a potential disease. Learn more here...
  • a look at the differences between and cucurbits and lagenaria gourds including the question of cross pollination.
  • You can actually begint the fruiting process and increase the lateral growth by pruning your gourd vine.
  • You can also encourage more fruit production by pruning off the first fruits of the vine.
  • designer gourds, How about designing your own gourd? Do you wish you had a larger bottle gourd or perhaps a smaller kettle? You can move in that direction through cross pollination.
  • Drawing by Tim moyers showing the male and female gourd flowers for identification purposes.
  • If you go shopping for a particular type of seed, it is frustrating and a season is lost if the seed does not grow the variety you wanted. Insure your future seeds will grow what you intend to grow.
  • fall is harvest season for gourds, harvest you gourds with care.
  • use care in storing your harvested gourds, do not store them in your home or garage.
  • we lived in a moldy house, this is the story of what we went through, and are still fighting the effects today.
  • Learn different methods of drying gourds. Before you can craft them, they must be clean and dry. They can dry naturally or they can be green cleaned which speeds up the drying .
  • Cleaning in preparation for crating. Be sure to handle your gourd carefully before and during the cleaning process to avoid breathing the mold and dust.
  • Molds are common, but little is known about molds as far as health is concerned. In growing and curing gourds, mold is a common issue, and one you should be aware of and treat with caution if you intend on growing and crafting. Mold is natures recycler, but the last thing you want is for your body to experience stages of decomposition before your time!
  • Molds are common in the world, it is what turns bio mass back into mineral substance, in otherwords the recycling process.
  • A Brief general description of mold.
  • There are many varieties of mold, in fact depending on where you read, you can find figures from 50,000 to in excess of 200,000 different varieties of molds. There are general species, and then varieties within those specie, just like canines include everything from wolves to Pomeranians. Similarily, there are a wide variety of mold families like Stachybotris, but there may be 20,000 varieties of Stachy.
  • Please use caution when handling molds, even mold on a gourd. There are some rules of thumb to follow, damp it down, wear a respirator, etc.
  • There is a definite Dichotomy or difference of opinions between those of our legislative and general medical establishment from the insights and evidence of those involved in research of Fungalbionics. For the sake of time and space, this section is focused primarily on Stachybotrys Chartarum, although similar dichotomies seems to exist for other toxic molds as well......
  • There are several type of Air Purifiers that can be helpful or beneficial for your indoor air quality. Some systems may be really good, others may be harmful. We recommend before deciding which air purifier you might choose to buy that you look at some of the options available and the pro's and con's for the different types.
  • Mold, the Buzz word of the 21st century. It is so common, and mold related, sick building related issues seem to be more and more a common occurance these days, yet it seems to be the realtively new kid on the block. That being the case, it also seems to be the most under studied, under researched, and under estimated of health issues out there today.
  • Mold Resources, informational materials on mold and health issues.
  • What mold can do to your health and the health of your family. This is our story of our experience of living in a house that was growing mold inside the walls where it could not be seen and it grew unknown to us.
  • Using the defining shape of bottle gourds, in this case a Japanese Hyakunari, we show you how to create a Trinket Box complete with a catch ring lid.
  • Using the same or similar techniques to bending wood, we have shown our process of creating flat pieces for the Gourd Quilt project. We have used the same or similar techniques to bend pieces to make lid slip bands and more.
  • Tips and inexpensive equiptment for gourd photography or craft items without the use of expensive studio equipment or the costly fee's of a professional photographer.
  • Enlargement of the picture as seen on the previous page
  • Google YouTube Videos both gourd related and just some fun videos.
  • A section of the web site gear toward and around our children. Children and grand children of gourd crafters like to color, draw on, paint, and craft gourds too, this section is for them.
  • A book for children, Olivia the Magical gourd written by Elinor Dandrea.
  • Photo galleries of everything from gourd art to drawings, and even photography, also includes the Gourd Artists Showcase featuring the artwork of Gourd Artists around the world.
  • From our farm in Indiana here are some interesting pictures to share. not necessarily gourd related, but just pretty pictures to enjoy.
  • Some gourds have a slick surface, others have what is called a toothy surface. This Toothy surface is what brought about the birth of Mr Toothy Gourd.
  • Gourds we've received through gourd group exchanges. This is a fun way to share a little of yourself, and collect the artwork of others at the same time.
  • A virtual museum of Gourd Artists from around the world. A place where the many artforms come together, woodcarving, chip carving, woodburning, paints and pencil, pine needle coiling and staining, and the one common bond between all these forms and all the artists represented here is Gourds.
  • Gourd art by Ardee
  • Gourd art by Cindy Auxier
  • gourd art by Jenn Avery
  • gourd art by Joan Blackwell
  • gourd art by Martha Bloom
  • gourd art by Stella Brand
  • Gourd art by Jeanne Bruner
  • gourd art by Susan T. Byra
  • Gourd art byJoey C
  • gourd art by Janie Calamia
  • gourd art by Russ Conley
  • gourd art by Andrew Craig
  • gourd art by mary fahey
  • gourd art images of Patty Hubert Fontanilla
  • gourd art by Rhoda Forbes
  • gourd art by Michelle french
  • gourd art by Claire Groff
  • gourd art by Jackie Hall
  • gourd art by Joy Jackson
  • gourd art by Sarah Jones
  • Gourd Art by Margie Jordan
  • gourd art by Julie Jurow
  • gourd art by Delbert La Rue
  • gourd art by Cindy Lee
  • gourd art by Dusti Lockey
  • gourd art by Fran Minshew
  • gourd art by Diane Nicolaci
  • Gourd art by Chris Pawlik
  • gourd art by Bill Peoples
  • gourd art by Darlene Propp
  • gourd art by Larry Ray
  • gourd art by Leah Reed
  • gourd art by Judy Richie
  • gourd art by Shilo
  • gourd art by Sam Simpson
  • gourd art by Jane Weller
  • The Gourd Reserve presents the fine artwork of Denise Williams.
  • Gourd pyrography: Woodburning is my favorite medium, it is challenging, yet simple it delivers a full image, yet appears sepia.
  • these are gourds that have been painted and some combine prismacolor pencil as well.
  • digital_art.html
  • Gourd Exchanges are fun, if you've never participated in one here's how they work. Everyone in the Email group who would like to participate in the exchange puts their name in. Someone then draws names for each person so everyone will have an exchange partner, Each person that joins the gourd exchange must craft or do their artwork on a gourd to send to their exchange partner, .but the partner does not know who is making a gourd for them until it is sent or received.
  • When we think of spring time, we think of flowers blooming and birds returning home, so four The Gourd Reserve's First Gourd Exchange in our Email group, we decided to do something related to birds, so these gourds are bird feeders and bird houses.
  • Winter time, a time of snow, Christmas tree's, and ornaments. Speaking of ornaments, this exchange revolves around "Mini" Gourds. Mini Gourds are generally considered 3 inches or smaller in height. many think that being small makes them relatively easy to craft, but tiny gourds many times means tiny details and limitations on what your trying to create. This is a great excercise and was great fun. Check out how these creative gourd artists approach this challenge.
  • gourds and tools for crafting gourds
  • Razertip Professional Woodburning pens, the choice woodburning pen of The Gourd Reserve. Great features, great pens, & binding post pen with wire tips are economical. This is Dan's ONLY pen he uses for his woodburned gourds.
  • Black and white Gourd Stationery for the discerning Gourd Artist. Now at new reduced prices, you can purchase the file and print out your own stationery for life.
  • Pyroengraved, (woodburned) gourd art by Dan Dunkin of The Gourd Reserve available for sale. Each gourd is grown and crafted here in America, and each one is done with care and patience.
  • special tools for sanding curved surfaces and small places on gourds.
  • finishes to protect your finished gourd art.
  • all wood finish and gourd finish products
  • Take a photo studio with you to the gourd, art and craft shows. Great for in home, the office, or on the road.
  • branding irons for gourd pyrography.
  • The Gourd Reserve proudly offers web hosting of small websites for artists and individuals, as well as web design at an inexpensive and affordable price.
  • support_the_gourd_reserve.html
  • Electronics Sales is a group of web pages featuring sale itms on electronics.
  • the gourd reserve's affiliate stores
  • for visitors to come and shop, one convenient place for all your shopping needs.
  • for visitors to come and shop, one convenient place for all your shopping needs.
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  • water4gas.html
  • every artist out there who has descovered gourds as their medium and loves them deserves a golden gourd award.
  • links.html
  • Gourd websites, featuring friends, artists, and dealers of gourd tools and supplies.
  • Gourd Society websites, containing the American gourd society as well as many local state gourd societies.
  • Our other websites including several forum sites for homeschooling and a host of other activities and information.
  • Not only do we maintain this website and others, I also enjoy writing. Here are some gourd related articles, as well as a link to my Associated Content Producer page which has links to many more articles.
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