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Day 4

I am sorry it has taken so long to post another day. This time of year is my busiest, and it seems to be for nothing this year, which makes me have to get out there and work even harder.  Add to this complication, I have started a gourd here that I wasn't sure where I was going, and still don't and probably won't until it is finished.  Add to that, the complexity of this gourd and all the detail I like to try to put into small things on gourds.  I started the foremost background mountains today, and spent a couple hours trying different things, still using the chisel point and tapping out a lot of faint pointilism, (stippling), until I had bout the shade I wanted, then began defining some background tree's.  This is difficult in miniature, and it is so easy to overburn.

Nonetheless, for a few hours work by the time I was done, I have added some tree's to a background mountain and have filled an area about 3 inches across and an inch high at the highest peak.  This will obviously take far too long for anyones appreciation to try to do the entire gourd this way.  After examining it closely, I've come to the conclusion that this far back and less detailed since it is further away, I think I can accomplish the same effect by lightly shading then using perhaps a sharp small skew to define tree's. See, I told you I don't know what I'm doing, LOL... but I have fun when I get the chance to.

So here is a picture of this big jump in the progress, due to the lighting and shading I have for the picture, the tree's look more burned in some area's than they really are, the tree's to the left look different than the rest and this is because they are on a hill you don't see anymore, a hill that runs in front of the small hill with all the little tree's.

I appologize for the time span between updates, and there may be a few days between updates as we have several websites and a lot of work to do.  You can check back periodically, or if you would like me to email for the next update, Send me an email and I'll let you know as I get to add more to this section.

background mountain tree's

Also as a small touch of detail, there is a trail of no tree's in one area, and just a few patches of tree's in another area, (very common sight around here), and on the right side of the tree's, (left side of the clearing), I have darkened in close to the tree's.  As with the tree's themselves this shows the direction of the light and shadow.

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