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Gourd whistle, gourd flute, gourd ocarina

This particular piece was made by Scott Nelson who contributed this information and image to us for our monthly, "What is it" gourd trivia.  There were many pieces similar to this one, yet each one unique and different from one culture to another, from the Natives of North America, to those of South America and even Hawaii.  The seeds on this gourd whislte are there just for decoration, and this whistle has no holes in it for pitch, however the gourd whistles and gourd ocarinas of most of the tribes have holes in them for creating pitch.  The Hawaiians also made nose whistles however most of those made today are made from bamboo.

I do not know what the use or purpose of the Native American Gourd Whistle was, nor the use of the South American Whistle and Gourd Ocarinas, however the Hawaiian nose whistle was used by the men to serenade their lovely lady.  Hmm, I like to fiddle with my guitar and Carmella, (my wife), likes to listen.  Though the times, technology and cultures vary, we really aren't so different after all.

Here is a You Tube video of the Hawaiian nose whistle.  we also have many more YouTube videos including more musical instruments here.

Hawaiian Bamboo Nose Flute




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