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   Thank you for taking enough interest in Supporting the Gourd Reserve to look at this page.  The Gourd Reserve is more than 690 pages of gourdiculture and gourd art, with no end in sight. We do not ask for donations, unlike Gourd Societies we do not charge membership fee's, all our time, efforts, free space we give out for Gourd Artists to display their work, is all out of our pocket because of our love for Gourding and the Gourd Community.  We do not do enough gourd art to make a living selling our artwork, we do not make a fortune on affiliates or advertising space on the Gourd Reserve, as craft markets do not really demand a high payout.  In essence this website is our greatest gift we have to offer to the Gourding Community and part of our gift is in promoting other gourd artists work as well.

   Instead of donations like a lot of sites ask for, what we have done is to offer up some of the internets most reputable internet retailers for a wide variety of merchandise.  Many of these merchants are merchants that you might go and shop directly anyway, but by linking to that site through one of our links, your shopping will help to support our efforts so we can focus more time on this website and provide more for you in return.  In fact, some of our merchants offer exclusive deals, these are special low prices you can only get by entering through an affiliate link like ours, where entering the store directly you would not see the sale price.

   We have 3 primary methods you can shop.  For electronics, (my other favorite hobby), I have created a website called Daily Sales Online, which we own the domain, but it forwards to a page in The Gourd Reserves web hosting.  Daily Sales Online is strictly electronics, and normally sale prices only.  Method two of shopping through us, you can go to Our Affiliates page, and select the store you want to shop.  Simple as that.  The third method is by going to the TGR Shopping Mall, where with the help of a third party that gets 25%, you can search an item and find the best price across multiple stores.  This is a powerful shopping experience, and you can shop the stores right there as well.  All 3 of these methods are here for your convenience and while helping you make your Shopping experience better, you also are helping us out, without spending a dime more.

   So, we aren't asking for anything you wouldn't already do, what we are asking is that you might consider using one of our shopping pages as the doorway to your shopping experience, especially during the Christmas season.  Many of our normal members of the gourding community know what we have been through, beyond back injuries and other disabilities, we have also suffered from toxic mold exposure that has effected all of our lives.  As a result, Carmella started The Joy of Hope Foundation in an effort to help other people who have suffered from Toxic mold exposure, many of whom are totally disabled by this growing problem.  We will donate a minimum of 10% of our proceeds from our net gains from this shopping doorway to the Joy of Hope Foundation to go strictly to others who need help.

   Thank You,
   Dan & Carmella Dunkin
   The Gourd Reserve


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