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1957 Chevy Corvette

 1957 corvette

My favorite car, entered in the Ohio Show, my rendition of a car that looks very much like a '57 Corvette.  This was the only entry I made that did not win a prize.  I think it is because I did not do the picture in 360 degrees, it is a front only snapshot.

I was not yet in high school, but but I walked through the High School to get home.  One young man in high school had a '57 vette, with a tuned engine, a 411 in the rear, and nice wide cheater slicks on the back.  He would stop at the stop sign and every day he would get his front tires to jump a few inches off the ground.  This was all at least 5 years before I went to a drag race and saw real wheelie machines, so to me that was just awesome.

Now I'm just al old fart that gets excited if I can jump high enough to get my feet a couple inches off the ground, but once in a while, maybe at a car show, maybe just parked along the street somewhere, I see another one of these old Corvette's in pristine restored condition. It's molded body with the top off, and the piece of fiberglass that molds around the seats, lots of chrome sparkling in the sunlight and the tuck'n roll apholstery, it brings back a spark of yester year, and for a moment I can see those wheels popping off the ground again. 



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