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gourd strainer

Ever use a ladle to scoup soup or something that potentially has bones or vegetable matter you don't want in your bowl? How about separating the spaghetti from the water, fat from the milk, etc.  This gourd strainer has nearly perfect in design and shape for exactly this purpose. This one appears to have been made from a Maranka and long handle dipper cross as it has some hint of Maranka nodules, but they are not as predominant as they are on the typical Maranka Gourd. However, either the Maranka or the Long Handle Dipper can be used for a strainer.

Gourd history is full of interesting finds, utensils, storage containers etc.  Gourds have been found in ancient China, Egypt, Native American cultures dating back almost as far as the presence of men have been found. this gourd strainer is just one of the many fine examples of how gourds have been adapted by man to fulfil a useful purpose.


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